- 1886 - The Revolutionary Invention

Her name was Jospehine Cochrane and she revolutionized the world of cooking.
In 1886, she patented an invention that would in time become the dishwasher as we know it today. Nine of her incredible machines were exhibited, sold and used in restaurants. Some found a place in respected luxury hotels: the Baltimore Hotel in New York and the Tremor and Palmer House in Chicago. These first models were sold at between 700 and 1000 dollars. Driven by the desire to popularise her invention, Joséphine adapted a model for household use, sold at 350 dollars. That was just before her death in 1913.

- 1919 - The Birth of a Legend

Almost a century ago, Ohio engineer Herbert Johnson invented another miraculous machine that was going to revolutionise the lives of cooking experts and gourmets: the “H5”, the first household eggbeater. While testing it, the wife of one of the company directors unknowingly invented the brand name when she exclaimed: “I don’t care what you call it, it’s the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had”. KitchenAid was born. Over the years, inspired by the professional world, the brand has never stopped inventing and improving innovative solutions for gourmets and cooks.

- 1927 - The Mixer of the Stars

The model following the H-5 met with immediate popularity… selling 20,000 units in its first three years on the market. Early users of KitchenAid stand mixers included famous names such as John Barrymore, Marion Davies, E.I. DuPont, Henry Ford, Myrna Loy, Frederick March, Ginger Rogers and New York Governor Al Smith all of whom recognized its excellence.

- 1936 - The Design Expert

Egmont Arens, editor of the Creative Arts magazine and the famous Vanity Fair, one of the most renowned magazines in the world, was also a world-famous designer. For several years he shared his know-how with KitchenAid. He designed three of the most elegant models, among which was the famous “K”, around which a cult has formed today. His creations, considered as ground-breaking, won several design awards and are exhibited in many museums. More than 60 years later, the KitchenAid mixers still resemble those designed by Arens, proof of his remarkable visionary talent.

- 1941 - Timeless Design

The K5A was introduced on the eve of World War II and… all three Arens-designed mixers remain virtually unchanged today. Displayed in museums around the world, they have won major awards for their outstanding design.

- 1994 - A World of Colours

Taste and colours
In 1955, a first for the completely white world of kitchen appliances, the mixer is dressed in radiant colors: Petal Pink, Sunny Yellow, Island Green, Satin Chrome and Antique Copper…In 1994 the palette is extended and follows the popularity of the new models. Empire Red, Cobalt Blue, Apple Green, Pastel Yellow, Anthracite Grey and even Tangerine Orange…to the great joy of cooks everywhere.

- 2012 - Mix with the best

Quantity plus quality
KitchenAid introduced the new 6.9L Artisan Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer - the most powerful, durable, quietest and simply the best stand mixer in its class. With a 1.3 hp motor that mixes extra-large quantities quickly and efficiently in a 6.9 liter polished stainless-steel bowl, superior performance is simply guaranteed. This model won the KuchenInnovation des Jahres 2012 award for quality, performance and design. The 21st century will continue to see KitchenAid at the forefront of product innovation and excellence. Gourmet cooks can rely on a complete range of major domestic appliances and kitchen utensils. Inspired by the professional world, these new appliances will accompany them at every step of the culinary experience - preparation, cooking, preserving and cleaning. Combining the latest technology with bold design, KitchenAid instils real passion into cooking at home for friends and family.

- 2013 - A Full range of household appliances

KitchenAid launched a new Vertigo line of stylish small appliances, introducing the new Artisan line comprised of a 4L Food Processor, Electric Kettle, Cordless Blender, 2- and 4-slice Toasters and 14- and 16-cup Food Processors.

- 2019 - Celebrating 100 years of making